Tips for showing your home...


1. Let the real estate agent spend time with the prospective buyer without you around.  You want the buyer to take their time and not feel as though they are intruding.  Let them look at their own pace.  If possible, make plans to take a walk while your house is being shown.


2. Let the sunlight in and open the blinds and drapes.


3. Turn lamps on especially chandeliers, living room lamps, and lights in closets and the basement.


4. Simmer a few drops of vanilla on the stove or better yet, bake a pie or some cookies.


5. Light your fireplace.


6. If you can, play soft music throughout the house to create a pleasant atmosphere.  Otherwise, keep the television and radio off, and keep children and pets from running around the house.


Most importantly, trust your agent.  They have experience and know how to sell homes.  Let them guide you through the negotiation process.