Things to consider when selling your home...

A house that sparkles appeals to more buyers.

People feel more comfortable buying a house they can see has been well-cared for.  You don't need to spend a lot of money.  In fact, experts say to spend as little as possible.  Take care of minor repairs, inexpensive touch-ups, and basic interior and exterior improvements.

1. Give every room in your house a thorough cleaning and remove all clutter.  Do you have too much furniture in one area?  Clutter and large furniture make a room appear smaller than it is.  Try to create a spacious look.

2. If necessary, paint any old or dingy walls with a neutral shade of paint such as off-white or beige.  Repair cracks and damage to plaster, wallboard, and tiles.

3. Make sure that all your faucets and showerheads are working properly.

4. Bathrooms help to sell homes, so make sure they are bright and clean.  Buy some new bath towels to hang when buyers are going through your house.  Think about replacing the caulk around the tub and sink.  It will make a big difference.

5. Remember that list of things that you "have been meaning to do"?  There is no better time to fix that doorknob, replace the old light switch plate, and put in that ceiling fan.

6. If your kitchen is in need of remodeling, you can make it look appealing without spending a lot of money by adding new curtains, fresh paint, or new cabinet knobs.  Store appliances such as food processors, blenders, and electric can openers in cabinets in order to show off your spacious counter tops.  Keep all areas clean and free of clutter.

7. Show off all your closet and storage space.  Make sure that your attic, basement, and garage are organized and clean.

8. First impressions mean a lot.  The front door acts as an invitation to a prospective buyer, so be sure it is clean.  Apply a fresh coat of paint if necessary.  To create a warm entry, place planters of colorful annuals on your porch or front steps.  A wreath on your door is another way to welcome buyers into your home.  Also make sure your lawn is edged and trimmed.  your home should welcome the buyer immediately.

9.Is your home easy to navigate or is it awkward getting from room to room?  Make the prospective buyer's visit easy as well as appealing.

10. Be sure to make your beds.  An attractive bedroom can make quite an impact on the buyer.  Comfort without clutter is something to keep in mind.

11. Evening visits are a good time to make your home feel cozy.  The right lighting can set a mood that puts the buyer at ease.